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Based deep in the Austrian Alps, Steve Baruah, better know as Audioshine, works with some of the best vocalists in the world to produce irresistible 'Feel Good Music'

Considered 'impressive' by BBC Radio, Audioshine produces across a range of genres at the pinnacle of their frontiers.





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Sync licencing

Audioshine produces songs and 'instrumental cues' for television and radio. these include hundreds of high-energy excitement-building EDM cues, edge-of-your-seat tension, cool future bass, smile-envoking pop, and much more. Production to spec is also possible. For further info please use the 'contact' page.


Do you have that killer song, but just need help getting it to sound like a professional hit? Then  make use of the mixing service. This can include everything from re-mixes, to mixing your already tracked insturments, to mastering. Prices upon inquiry. Please use the 'Contact' page.